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Parents and school teachers/staff can form a powerful and effective partnership when, rather than viewing each other as adversaries, they join together to advocate for appropriate education and services for a child. 
From late March through June 2020, and beginning again in August 2020, when children were home from school, Lisa Nathan, a Parent/Advocate, and Peggy Pisano, a School Psychologist/Advocate, created a series of webcasts called “ProActive Caring - School Exchange” to provide a supportive presence for parents. 
Each week they addressed a different topic and discussed how mindfulness might offer strategies for coping with everyday stressors and help build resilience. Each webcast, moderated by Dr. Larry Force, runs for about 30 minutes. Here you will find recordings of those webcasts and copies of the handouts that the speakers prepared to accompany each webcast.
The Lisa and Peggy Corner
Lisa Nathan, Parent/Advocate/ Meditator
Peggy Pisano, School Psychologist/Advocate
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