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Train-the-Trainer Resources



The training manual contains information from the content training sessions. Click here to read the Training Manual online as a flipbook or download/print a copy to take with you when you work with individuals. 




You may choose to share the MyGuide app, by MPower Me, with the individuals you have trained on the strategies and meditations

Click here for instructions to accessing the MyGuide Platform.



A separate survey needs to be completed for each individual you work with. Click here to complete the survey once you have trained an individual on at least one strategy and meditation.


If you use this in a group setting, we have provided a printable version for you to complete with the individuals you have worked with (click here for a pdf). After the session, please transfer the information to the Survey Monkey link or scan the pdf and send to Project Administrator Valerie Capalbo, LCSW, at You may also reach her with questions at 845-661-3859.  


The training overview video covers the introductory and concluding slides that were used in the live virtual sessions. These slides introduce the program, explain how to begin conversations with individuals about using mindfulness strategies, and provide some training tips and resources. Click the link below to view the video on YouTube.


Training Overview Video


These seven videos each explain one strategy, including how to introduce the strategy, the task analysis and visuals for individual steps, practice scripts, discussion prompts, and modifications. Each strategy is presented both with embedded trainer tips and without trainer tips, so you can choose what you need. These trainer tips are identical for the seven strategies, so you do not need to watch each strategy with the trainer tips. Click the links below to view the videos on YouTube.


Strategy 1 without trainer tips

Strategy 1 with trainer tips

Strategy 2 without trainer tips

Strategy 2 with trainer tips 

Strategy 3 without trainer tips 

Strategy 3 with trainer tips 

Strategy 4 without trainer tips 

Strategy 4 with trainer tips

Strategy 5 without trainer tips 

Strategy 5 with trainer tips 


Strategy 6 without trainer tips 

Strategy 6 with trainer tips 

Strategy 7 without trainer tips

Strategy 7 with trainer tips


Click the links below to view the videos on YouTube.


Focus on Breathing with model and music 

Focus on Breathing without model 

Focus on Breathing without music 

Focus on Breathing without model and music 


Pause Meditation with model and music 

Pause Meditation without model 

Pause Meditation without music 

Pause Meditation without model and music


Sensory Grounding with model and music 

Sensory Grounding without model 

Sensory Grounding without music 

Sensory Grounding without model and music 

Body Scan without model 

Body Scan without music 

Body Scan without model and music 


Mindful Movement with model and music

Mindful Movement without model 

Mindful Movement without music

Mindful Movement without model and music

Gratitude with model and music 

Gratitude without model 

Gratitude without music

Gratitude without model and music 


Visualization with model and music 

Visualization without model 

Visualization without music 

Visualization without model and music 


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